Milestone 2 - Issues with importing project

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  • Benazir Sharipova 7 months ago

    Hi! I am having issues with importing the project for Miwok app (Milestone 2, Multi-screen apps. Lesson1). When I download zipped file and extract, the file doesn't completely open in AndroidStudio.  I have also tried to fork the repository on GitHub and Clone, but still it doesn't work. I would appreciate if someone would help or suggest what to do.

  • Sodiq Yunusov 7 months ago

    Hi, when you import a project, it starts downloading gradle files, after the download is complete it will show a message on the right side("Install missing platform(s)..."), hit install.

    It will download and install missing files. It should work.

    It seems it is not possible to upload pictures here, therefore it's difficult to know what exactly issue u have on your IDE. I hope, installing additional files should solve your problem. Should you have any further questions feel free to ask via telegram @SQ_jrDev . Will help as much as I can.

  • Sodiq Yunusov 7 months ago

    Telegram group:  


  • Ilyas Sarsenbaev 7 months ago

    Telegram group

  • Bert Wheeler 3 months ago

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